Versatility has been the cornerstone of my artistic journey. Across my music career, I’ve embraced a diverse range of styles, blending glam rock, 60s pop, folk, punk, krautrock, synth pop, and even Elvis Presley covers in Finnish. I’ve released a total of 13 long plays as a solo artist and a band leader from 2006 to 2022, alongside numerous singles and EPs.

My artistic voyage started in 2004 under the pseudonym Jann Wilde, evolving into the band Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue. We played gigs in Finland and did one tour in central Europe supporting Negative. In 2007, we made waves in the Finnish national final of Eurovision Song Contest, and our debut album “Tokio Okei” soared to 9# on the Finnish Charts.

After that, I carried on releasing works under monikers such as Jann Wilde & The Neon Comets and The Saturnettes from 2007 to 2013. My love for the ’60s culminated in the album “No Return” (2012) as a member of Volter.

My Finnish-language career took flight with the albums “Jani Matti Juhani & Musta Käärmeet” (2015) and “Kis Kis” (2016). Two impactful albums, “Taivaankanteen jäätyneistä linnuista” (2017) and “PISTE” (2019), were produced by the renowned journalist Tero Alanko. The former features my most streamed song “Maailmanloppuun asti,” a collaboration with Anna Kuoppamäki. In recent years, I’ve embarked on a tribute to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, releasing two cover albums with Elvis Presley songs in Finnish: “Jani Matti Juhani laulaa Elvistä suomeksi” (2020) and “Jani Matti Juhani laulaa Elvistä suomeksi vol. 2” (2021). Embracing a new chapter in life, I celebrated my 40th birthday in April 2022 by releasing the album “Maailma palaa raiteilleen,” which was based on many unfinished ideas and demos throughout my career.

Writing and producing

Writing songs serving as the driving force behind my passion for music. Over the years, I’ve penned and released more than 100 compositions.

Among the many highlights, I achieved victory in a song competition in 2016 with “Okkultismia ja Erotiikkaa.” In 2007, my group Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue participated in the Finland’s national final of Eurovision Song Contest, where I wrote and sang two songs Cinnamon and Rock’n’roll Dreams.

In 2020, I collaborated with ALL-YOUTH, contributing a song to their report titled “Enhancing refugee youth’s sustainable well-being through co-research and story-telling.”

Beyond writing, I’ve embraced roles as a producer, musician, and mixer, contributing to several albums and songs.